PrivatBank proposed a free electronic documents circulation system to the public authorities of Ukraine

PrivatBank has challenged the established paper banking culture, in which every step is recorded on paper and travels through offices in search of signatures and seals.

Today 29 thousand employees work at the bank and 14.6 million individual and 334 thousand corporate customers are served. We save a lot of paper because if we print all the documents for a year and a half, it would be enough to completely wrap the Earth around the equator. PrivatBank was one of the first in the world, to introduce electronic documents circulation in 2001, and in 2014 the Bank completed the change from bulky personal computers to iPad tablets in its offices. "In the main office we have abandoned the paper of the previous century, – says the First Deputy Chairman of PrivatBank Oleg Gorokhovskiy. – One of the top managers refused to work with paper documents and instructed his secretary to send all of them to his e-mail for signature. Within less than within six months all the top managers refused to sign paper documents and a project to create our electronic document circulation was started." In 2001 our own system of electronic documents circulation "PrivatDoc" was developed and launched; it has greatly increased the operational efficiency of the Bank. It has significant advantages over traditional documents circulation: the rapid creation and approval of documents; twenty-four-hour access to documents from anywhere in the world; simple and convenient interface and ability to monitor tasks. Services are based on a cloud solution that does not require additional costs for the development of IT infrastructure. The only technical requirement is connection to the Internet. In addition, we guarantee data security through the use of digital signatures and a two-phase system of authentication. The service offers data backup and encryption. More than 900 companies already use our documents circulation services, thereby greatly increasing their productivity and reducing the costs of stationery. "We offer our assistance to public authorities in implementing an electronic documents circulation system. We are ready to share our free software, to train the staff, to set up the basic business processes. Thus, for example, we discuss the implementation of electronic documents circulation with our colleagues in the National Bank of Ukraine. The system implementation will take no more than a week," – says the IT director of PrivatBank Dmytro Dubilet. For reference: at the request of the UNIAN, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine every month uses nearly a million sheets of paper, it means that annually it is possible to cover the road to Madrid (3700 km) with that paper.


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